Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back Reading

I have been reading some of my old posts. Some from Blackdog and some from version 2.0.

I had a point....

Lost it.

Last night I hit up Beechwood. I skipped out on work early and got 2 full laps before the dark came. I actually had time to get the fire going with a little light.

Before we knew it there was 8 (?) of us telling stories, cracking brews, and admiring the clear sky and all the stars. It was one of those nights. One where you didn't want it to end especially since winter is close and the ops for a night like that are close to being gone until next year. I stalled as long as I could and got home at 11pm.

Today I have been a pile. So tired but it was worth it.

Oh I remember now.

Nevermind it was stupid.

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Steve said...

Work was long today. Had more beers last night than I normally would have, but I agree, it was worth it. Posted a couple of quick pics on the blog.