Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Latest

I had a post saved in my draft folder that I have been meaning to put up. I read it and all I was doing was whining about working too much and it being so cold. I irritated myself with it so I am just going to start over.

I got my fist chance to ride the computrainer last night. While I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, it didn't suck. It was immediately clear how weak my legs are and how much I need to get them spinning before February 15th. While I don't expect miracles from the little time I have left I am just hoping not to suffer too bad since so far all I have been doing is not eating Taco Bell. The bright side for turning slow laps though is everyone else gets to sleep a little longer. They will be thanking me at 2am. Besides I don't want to fly myself and all my gear to AZ to just be done riding as soon as I can, I need to make it worth my trouble and enjoy myself right.

The forecast calls for -33 today. Good times.


Steve said...

After the weather we've been having, those 30 degree nightime in the desert temps won't seem bad at all.

Josh B said...

Especially after a beer and a burrito.