Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day of Firsts

This last Sunday was a day of firsts...

First time I had to pull over and ask my wife to drive because I couldn't.

First time I layed in bed and cried.

First time I had to call somebody for help.

First time I went to the emergency room and got whisked through and was seeing a doctor in ten minutes.

First time I puked from pain.

First time I heard a nurse say "I have orders to give you all the pain meds you need."

First time a doctor looked at me and said, "don't worry about a ride home you aren't going anywhere."

First time having a anesthesiologist say "Go to your happy place."

First time having an overnighter in the hospital.

First time peeing so much blood it looks like Hawaiian Punch.

First time handfulls of Vicoden doesn't take away the pain.

I have heard kidney stones are painful but holy Sh.....!!!

Turns out I also had an infection in my bladder so they couldn't remove the stone. If the stone plugged my inner plumbing it could cause back pressure and send the infection to my kidneys. From there my Kidneys would send the infection to the rest of my body. Thats a bad thing. So I got some extra plumbing put inside me to help everything go where it needs to go.

Since the stone is still in there until the infection is gone I get to feel the stone move around a couple times day. Want to see a grown man cry, come over.

Friday I get it all out. Just the thought of no pain is euphoric.


CTB said...

JB - I need some Vicodin now...damn dude I hope all goes well.

Big Steve said...

ouch. Ouch. OUCH. OUCH!

Get rid of that thing and get better.