Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Progress is the Opposite Congress

I have been making good progress in the basement. All perimiter walls and framing are done. Ceilings are dropped or soffeted as required by ducts/wires/plumbing. Spaces are defined. Electrical boxes are in place waiting for wires. Lighting is in place waiting for wires also. Bathroom tub/shower is enclosed and rough plumbed. Today is cutting a hole in the house for the bath fan and get fan mounted. The rest of the week will be the rest of the plumbing and then head to electrical. Maybe next weekend I will be done-ish but my internal goal is the end of Feb to be ready for drywall. Its close but really to be able for drywall all I need is to be ready while the ground is frozen so I can haul it to the basement doors. Then it can be a fair weather project. If its nice I can sneak in some rides if it sucks I can work in the basement.

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Jesse said...

where are the pics?