Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Its Go Time

A while back I showed a picture of my bikes lined up in the basement. In the back ground were bare walls and cement floors. Now picture a basement with just bare walls and cement floors. I could show that again as the before picture but you are smart enough to get the idea. What is ahead of me... a basement remodel. Specifically a bedroom, a bathroom, a large rec room, a bar, an office, and a sauna. 1250 sq feet of additional home for my family and friends to come visit and stay. The intent is more like a mother in law suit or little appt.

So tonight I started. I hauled 100 2x4's in a variety of lengths down to the basement. I have all my tools, saws, guns, and compressor ready to go. Tomorrow I start building walls and doorways to make my rooms.

Right now I am excited to start. We will see how long that lasts.

Pics to come as progress happens.


Jesse said...

Looking forward to seeing the progress. Don't forget to take the "before" photos too.

CTB said...

how cool of you to build me a room to stay in this summer. Will it have a fridge stocked with High Life?

Josh B said...

Yes, CB, its all for you. The first time I fill the fridge is to fill it entirely with 40oz of high life.