Monday, November 22, 2010

Real Sports

Everyone has argued at one point or another what is a real sport. Is golf a sport? Is bowling a sport? Race car driving? Nascar, paaaaaalease? Bike riding? Skiing? Snowboarding?

I say none of them. I think to classify as a real sport it has to be something not everyone can do. Or, even a point that we (people who live in real life) think that we could do part of. You should never sit on the couch and think if I put my beer down I could go out and do that right now. Thats how I classify real sports.

Eg... Football. Farve misses a wide open guy. I could have thrown that. Receiver drops a ball in the breadbasket, I could have caught that. Left fielder misses a pop up, I could have caught that too. Lebron misses a free throw or lay up, I could have made that. Ride a bike, anybody can do that. Fishing, never mind. Golf, I can hit the ball too. Bowling, not lazy enough yet but someday I can throw a strike between beers. You get what I am saying.

To me I have always thought there are only two real sports. Bull riding and motorcycle racing. Never have I ever thought, "I could have ridden that bull for 8 seconds. What a pansy, let go of the rope and just ran out of the ring." Or, "jeez, he totally blew that turn at 155mph, if he leaned a little more and scrapped his knee on the tarmac a little more I bet he could hit 160 in the apex." Not me and not you. Thats what I mean. Nobody claims they could do what bull riders or motorcycle racers do at any point.

Well, I have a third. Its not really a sport but I dont know anyone who thinks they can do any of this.

So my three are... Bull Riding, motorcycle racing and

Danny Macaskill


Anonymous said...

That is crazy!

CTB said...

Australian Rules Football = #4. Have you seen those neanderthal Aussies club the shit out of each other? Hockey looks like a tea party compared to that beatdown.