Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mr Mom

Amy went back to work this week. She exhausted her 12 weeks of maternity leave. Now its my turn. I am doing 3 weeks as Mr Mom. So far 5 days into it I am doing OK. I tell you though, it is hard work. If Jake takes a nap its like I won the lottery. Originally I thought I would get some tanning time in on the deck, maybe insulate the garage, set up 3 wheel sets tubeless, and work on the yard a little. Uhhh... Yeah, NO! If I get to drink my coffee while its still a little hot I am doing well. But, the reward is 100% daddy time. I get paid for my effort in smiles and they are worth more than gold.

Also, since Amy is working, I have been doing more with Jake when Amy is home. I also have been making Amy her breakfasts, while she is doing office work I have been making the dinners, doing dishes, cleaning bottles, etc... Total Mr. Mom stuff.

On a side note it isn't a coincidence that the 3 weeks I am off just happens to be the 3 weeks the tour is going on!

I cant say I am anxious to go back to work but it is much easier to just get up, get dressed, and leave the house but so far this has been awesome.

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CTB said...

Good times JB. And great timing with the Tour - it's as if you had exactly one week to get Amy pregnant so you could ensure an April birth, 12 weeks of leave for her, and bam - take a 3 week hiatus and not miss a stage of the Tour. A toast to great timing!