Thursday, May 13, 2010

Check up

When Jake had his three day check up he had an extra heart beat for every 6 beats. It wasnt really extra, it was actually a part of his heart beat that was behind thus sounding like an extra one. Thats what started the panic and sent us to the pediatrician cardiologist.

At the end of week one, after that rough Monday and Tuesday, when they thought he would be fine his heart beat had 2 extra beats in 30 seconds. We were improving like they thought.

At Jakes last check up he had NO extra (irregular) beats. Jakes heart beat is normal.

I am high fiving you in my head!


Jesse said...


ron k. said...

Sweet, he must have a big strong heart like his ma and pa. Great news!

enduroloco said...

Jeez...I thought this was a bike blog...Just kidding. Seriously though that is awesome news and great to hear it.