Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Easy come, easy go.

Niner is sold.

Heading to NC.

Looking at it in the basement kind of makes me wish I could keep it. It sure is/was pretty.

I just couldnt live with myself knowing the heckling I would get at Beechwood with 27 speeds.

What I dont get is how come I got bikes going out and all these punks got bikes coming in?


Jesse said...

I'm guessing you'll be adding another machine to your stable, since the Air 9 is gone now....isn't that the rule in the biking world? If you get rid of one, you can replace it with a new one?

Josh B said...

Maybe I should get a Specialized. I hear they are all the rage.

ron k. said...

I will really get heckeled with my 27 speed FS 29er. I just wont be able to race.