Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last Weekend and This Week

This weekend I started packing. I looked at all my stuff and wondered where to start. Start with the summer stuff, wont need that for a while. That meant... bike stuff. Do I pack it all up or leave a little something out for a couple weeks and finish later. I hate loose ends. I packed it all up and stuck it into a corner of the garage ready for the truck. Bikes, same thing, off to the corner. Big Wheel gets to stay out for trips to video store, pizza shop, and beverage provider. That means, season over. Kind of sad. It feels like the year is over. Should do the year in review now. There is less than two months until 2010 but with the bike riding it always feels like the year begins and ends with the riding.

Now what? More packing. Yeah. Its too early to think of next year. I cant help it though. I should start preparing now. I have never had a future that seems so unpredictable as it feels now.

Next year...oh man... seems like I am jumping of a cliff and have to learn to fly on the way down. Anyone else feeling that way?

At least it will be exciting.


ScootsOnMoots said...

i jumped off a cliff last october ('08) when i decided to quit my job and move. i'm still flying but i don't see the ground yet, and that's a good thing. i remember the roadrunner cartoon and it never ended well for that coyote.

andyH. said...

we just jumped off a cliff as well.

and it is great.

CTB said...

Sounds like good times ahead for you JB.

Steve said...

We jumped the cliff (as opposed to the shark) and we couldn't even imagine what it would be like if we hadn't. It's all exciting and a jump off a cliff makes you realize how much you are capable of doing.