Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blaster and Beyond

1/2 not 1/2 barrel

Bike Beer

Happy Place



Lots has been going on but not much at all. I like reading about whats happening with the bros but cant find the time to write myself.
Guys are doing cross but my motivation is flat. I should be getting ready for the big move but my motivation is flat. Really, Amy and I are just enjoying not doing much accept just hanging with each other until thats not our only option. Living the slow life, putting pj's on early, and trying to go to bed before 9. I have been working a solid 4 days a week. I got a buddie that I get breakfast with on Friday mornings. Things are chill. I like that.
Whats coming... remember I said move. Thats coming. Winter is coming. Then what...
There were two missed bdays lately. Ben...33! I saw a pic of his bday present and damn I got to get to his basement.
Oh yeah... one last thing... who does tri's? SS and triathlete goes together like Naval aviation or a really nice trailer park. I just dont get it. But cool for them I guess.

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CTB said...

Working a solid 4? Take it easy, you don't want to strain yourself. I'll take a pic of my tangerine speedo for you.