Friday, October 24, 2008

Joe's Post

I sent out this e-mail today about the cross race Sunday and Joe said I gotta post this stuff. I have a feeling it is going to be fun to read later.

Rookie Move?

I picked my bike up to cary it around the yard yesterday to see how it felt and I am guessing you dont use waterbottles on an x bike. They kind of get in the way. After that , I went and watched some vids I didnt see many bikes with bottles or cages. So do you not drink during the race? If it is only 30 minutes long I suppose not.

I cant wait to find out.


Chubby said...

you gotta get a hand-up.... and make sure she passes you the right one. Vodka shots with your heart spiked is no good.. most of it windes ups on your onesie

Josh B said...

I would be worried but I am sure Amy is out of Vodka after the Blaster.