Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Day After Tuesday

Man I feel good. I was so tired at work today. I rode my two wheeled conveyance device 6 days in a row. That may be more than August total. I was burnt from the race Sunday and Beechwood last night. It is unreal that the more confortable I get out there that in no time it gets more challenging. Bikes, beer, and brats... it doesnt get any better.

Today I was feeling it though. I just couldn't stay awake. To top it off we had company wide diversity training today. They bussed us all in to a local HS and sat us the theater to listen to a acting group from chitown tell us about how to be tolerant and respectful. I have all kind of cliche's to insert but out of my new found respect for peoples individuality I will keep them to myself.

Bike news. My bike is trashed. I think I will be able to limp thru the end of the season but I am in need of a major overhaul...or a new bike. Don't tell Amy though, I don't think I have paid her back for this one yet.

Two mtb races left, Shevegas and The Blaster.

Also (CB) I am down 9 lbs since last week.

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