Sunday, October 12, 2008

3 For 3 and I Watched a Parade

Today was Sheboygan, last WORS race of the year.


Saturday I went down to Beechwood and with what turned out to be a big group we put some finishing touches on the trails for race day. Most specifically we built the cobbled climb on what used to be the little equalizer. A farmer next door smashed and dumped a load of concrete by the climb. We took the irregular shaped chunks and built at Tour of Flanders climb out of it. To quote Jojo "Its sick". From there I headed to Sheboygan for a pre-ride. The temps were 70, the sky was blue, and not a drop of wind. I got out riding and felt awesome. I haven't felt like in a while so I hammered. I figured not a good idea but I couldn't pass up on that day. Two laps plus an extra trip along the river (cause it was so fun) and another trip up the Equalizer and I was spent.


Driving to the course I was massaging legs from the ride yesterday. Oops. Whatever.
I get there with a full 30 minutes to spare to get the bike together, register, oil the chain, get dressed, and warm up. Don says go and with a fully locked out bike we are sprinting and I hit the singletrack maybe 8-9th wheel. Sweet. I hold that until about 3/4 of the way during the first lap and have to back off. I ride alone for a while feeling fine until I hit a low hanging branch along the river. It wasn't a little branch more like a small trunk and I hit it full speed with my nugget. Thanks helmet, but that rattled me good. I almost fell 3 or 4 times trying to get under control. Equalizer comes and I remember Big Steves advice "shift at the bottom not during the climb". Since he is the only Clydesdale to climb it all three times I listened and sho' nuff up I go. Lap 2 comes and I am riding slower than my dang pre-ride. Why cant I even ride as fast as yesterday? Yesterday I got in the zone where your body tingles and your wheels stick like glue. Today I couldn't ride half that pace. Crap. A few guys go past and by the time the 3rd lap comes I am looking for every chance to coast. Pedal a couple times and coast, repeat. It was like a 30-39 parade was going on and I was stuck watching. I just couldn't go.

Finish comes and I stop. I chug 2 bottles and look for shade. Why do I want shade I am shivering? I lay down on the ground and probably 1/2 hour from finish I am ready to head to the car.

That hurt.

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CTB said...

so you punched it 'till the water cooler - nice work, and a little heat exhaustion to boot. I think I've done that ride a few times too.