Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Should Post Something

Since my flat at 9-mile I have been working a lot. Last week something like 60 hrs. This week it hasnt been too bad. At least my work life interupted at a time with out much opportunity to ride. Wind and rain, non stop. Everyone in WI knows about that.

Silver lining I guess.

We had a party on Saturday. Some pics...
Shawn and I (Thanks Laura)
Tony with my favorite brew as of now and my B glass. (thanks again Laura)

Some of the boys

Whats a party without a clyde and 40oz

I mean whats a party without clyde a foofy pinkie martini

Good times with this much booze

But to throw a good party you just need beer.


benbarts said...

Dude, I never knew you were in a frat.

CTB said...

Clydes and 40's - like gin and tonic , or Coldplay and shitty music...you can't have one without the other.