Monday, May 5, 2008

Iola Round #1 season is back. I have my race report. Here goes.

That sucked.

That was the short version here is the long version.

Legs hurt, lungs are on fire, and I cant breathe.

Warm up is done better get to the start line.


Legs hurt, lungs are on fire, and I cant breath. Am I still pedaling? Look at the pretty stars. Is it still daytime??? Where is everyone??? Is this whole course uphill??? Can I quit??? Just keep going you will look like a loser if you DNF. Do I hear a pig??? One lap done, 2 more.

Same. Same.

I cant stop hacking, I feel like I smoked a pack Marlboros.

Drive home. The end.

Mid pack, but like I told Joe, I just set myself up for most improved rider at the end of the year. Too bad for him winning Comp overall by 3 MINUTES he will never have a chance at that award. Best he can do is even and we all know that isn't impressive.

My time was 10 minutes slower than last year. So that pretty much sucked.

Two weeks until Lake Geneva. I really dropped some stink bombs on the climbs yesterday so a ski hill course should really be what I need. I cant wait.

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CTB said...

As you said - "In Wisconsin, there's a race every weekend".. So you have 23 more weeks to get your high gear goin'. Race COMP, you'll get faster sooner.